foundation  /faʊnˈdeɪ.ʃən/  n.
An organisation that has been created in order to provide money for a particular group of people in need of help or for a particular type of study

About us

The MGA Foundation was officially established as a registered charity in 2017 but MGA has, over the last ten years, already awarded tuition fee support worth over £600,000 to young people pursuing training opportunities in performing arts.

We aim to provide financial support to people residing in Scotland towards the costs of part-time and full-time training in singing, acting and musical theatre at reputable schools and accredited colleges throughout the UK. Although growing from a commitment to young people endeavouring to train professionally in Edinburgh, the MGA Foundation is broadening access to encompass workshops, youth theatre and part-time and full-time training opportunities across the UK to all those who call Scotland their home.

The funding was invaluable to me because it made the difference between being able to attend college and not. Since completing my course, I have been working professionally around the world for companies including Celebrity Cruises – none of this would have been possible without my training, and, of course, funding.


There are many talented people in Scotland who are simply not in a financial position to realise their dream of studying the performing arts. If you are looking for financial support, read our Apply page to find out if you are eligible and how the MGA Foundation can help.

The MGA Foundation aims to continue this support and to increase access to training opportunities by creating affordable world-class performing arts studio facilities and performance venues and through collaborative work with existing studios and training providers. We depend on fundraising and donations, and pursue corporate sponsorship, to maintain and grow this commitment of funding opportunities for those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We are building a community of supporters who will help us turn the dreams of talented performers in Scotland into a reality and allow us to maintain and develop the work of the MGA Foundation. If you would like to join us in this adventure, visit our Donate page to find out how you can support us as an individual or as a business.

The funding allowed me to train for three years and learn the trade that I love. I am now working my fourth professional job since graduating. Had I not received funding, I wouldn’t be where I am today and may not have trained at all – because it was simply too expensive.


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Meet the team

Our permanent members of staff and our charity trustees have a wide range of skills and experiences from a variety of backgrounds including musical theatre, event management and business.


Chair Person – Andrew Gowland
Vice Chair – Murray Grant
Secretary – Carole Gibson
Treasurer – Peter Ferguson
Trustee – Sarah Heney
Trustee – Megan Davidson


General Manager – Gary Grant

Finance Manager – Denise Ford

Legal Team – Brymer Legal
Finance Team – Sedulo