Start your application

The MGA Foundation is currently accepting applications for the following training periods:

  • For part-time training and individual opportunities support commencing September 2020 onwards.
  • For full-time training support commencing October 2020 for students starting their training in September 2020.

What other financial support (if any) do you have? Have you applied to any other grant awarding bodies for support?

Please provide two references in support of your application if required by the MGA Foundation. A referee is someone who can tell us a bit more about you: it could be a teacher who knows you well, a youth theatre leader or a director you have worked with. Please give us the names, addresses, e-mail and telephone numbers of two such persons who would be willing to support your application.

How can we help?

The MGA Foundation considers applications to help with…

  • Youth theatre projects
  • Summer schools and holiday camps
  • One-off workshops
  • Part-time courses
  • Full-time courses (CDET-accredited)

Are you eligible?

To be eligible for financial assistance from the MGA Foundation you must be…

  • living in Scotland at the time of application
  • able to demonstrate a genuine financial need
  • willing to attend an audition and interview
  • demonstrate a potential to excel within the performing arts
  • able and willing for us to contact and request a reference from your proposed training provider
  • willing to commit to supporting the work of the MGA Foundation throughout your future career