foundation  /faʊnˈdeɪ.ʃən/  n.
An organisation that has been created in order to provide money for a particular group of people in need of help or for a particular type of study

What could we help you with?

If you can demonstrate a financial need then we can consider helping you financially to attend a variety of courses and performing arts opportunities within the UK. These may include:

  • Youth theatre projects
  • Summer schools and holiday camps
  • One-off workshops
  • Part-time courses
  • Full-time courses (CDMT-accredited)

Funding periods

The MGA Foundation is currently accepting applications for the following training periods:

  • For part-time training and individual opportunities support
  • For full-time training support for students starting their training in September 2021.

Are you eligible?

To be eligible for financial assistance from the MGA Foundation you must be…

  • living in Scotland at the time of application
  • able to demonstrate a genuine financial need
  • willing to attend an audition and interview
  • demonstrate a potential to excel within the performing arts
  • able and willing for us to contact and request a reference from your proposed training provider
  • willing to commit to supporting the work of the MGA Foundation throughout your future career

The funding allowed me to train for three years and learn the trade that I love. I am now working my fourth professional job since graduating. Had I not received funding, I wouldn’t be where I am today and may not have trained at all – because it was simply too expensive.


Our Work

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Our impact

How to apply

Before you begin the four-stage application process make sure you meet the criteria listed above.

1 – Complete the initial online applicant information form
2 – Complete a full application form and submit supporting documentation
3 – References and documentation from your training provider received by the MGA Foundation
4 – Attend a formal interview/or audition

If you are successful in your application and funding is awarded you will be notified, and the funds will be made available to you or directly to your training provider.

Start application

Completion of one application stage does not automatically guarantee that your application will continue onto the next stage.

Completed application form along with any supporting evidence must be submitted to the MGA Foundation by email only –