foundation  /faʊnˈdeɪ.ʃən/  n.
An organisation that has been created in order to provide money for a particular group of people in need of help or for a particular type of study

Corporate support

Become a Corporate Bronze to Platinum Supporter by making a one-off payment:

Bronze Supporter – donation above £100
Silver Supporter – donation between £250 – £499
Ruby Supporter – donation between £500 – £999
Gold Supporter – donation between £1000 – £4,999
Diamond Supporter – donation between £5,000 – £9,999
Platinum Supporter – donation between £10,000 – £25,999

By becoming a Bronze to Platinum Supporter (with your permission) your company name will be listed on this website and relevant publicity material as a Supporter of the MGA Foundation.

Fund a scholarship

By funding a full three-year scholarship in your name or in a name of your choice you will be involved in the selection of a full-time student who will benefit from your generosity from the beginning to end of their journey into the professional world. You will receive updates from the student and tickets to attend to see them in performances. The scholarship scheme is divided into three levels of support:

  • £10,000 per year will allow an individual to attend full time education
  • £15,000 per year will allow an individual to attend full time education and offer some living support
  • £25,000 per year will also an individual to attend full-time education and provide living and accommodation support

If you are interested in finding out more about making a significant contribution to the future of one of the students supported by the MGA Foundation, we would love to have a chat with you. Please contact us by emailing or call 0330 0539141.